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February 27, 2022

I am a design consultant residing in Denver Colorado with my love and two boys.I started this business in 2016 when my first son was 2 years old and I never looked back. My little dream has become a reality.
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Moody Monday: A Guide to Boho Lighting

Interior lighting is one of the simplest ways that you can transform your home. A thoughtful, cohesive lighting concept can announce your home’s style before you’ve even begun pairing the furniture. In fact, I will often begin my mood boards by establishing the lighting design.

Inspired by a new construction interior design project that I’m working on, today’s mood board shines a light on the bohemian style aesthetic. Boho, a style that I personally gravitate towards in my own home design, is all about the eclectic mixing and matching of textures, patterns, natural details, and metal finishes to create a warm, welcoming space. I love that it gives me a chance to play with raw, organic materials like woven rattan, wood, rope, cane, wicker, and hammered metal.

The key to bohemian aesthetic is that it’s personalized and relaxed. The goal of this whole-home mood board, which features a selection of boho lighting options ranging from low to higher-end price points, is that you can pick and choose from any of these fixtures to create an organic, earthy style that works for you.

Ambient, understated lighting like ceramic sconces and Anthropologie’s Rosilata Pendants can create a calm and welcoming environment in bedrooms and dining rooms where you can get away with lower, dimmed lights. (Click here to see how I’m incorporating these pendants into my own bedroom remodel). 

Meanwhile, boho chandeliers and showpiece items like the Collins Hanging Pendant can become a focal point of a room with their fun shapes and designs, and the Concrete and Wood Hunter Pendant Lamp would work well in a bathroom where you’ll want brighter lights for doing your makeup and styling your hair.

Boho Lighting Mood Board

Whether you’re a pro or are feeling a little nervous to take the first steps in your own home remodel or design, you can use this lighting mood board as a foolproof guide. Because it’s a whole-home concept, you can truly select from any of these lighting fixtures to mix and match throughout your space. I often like to remind my clients that style is objective: your home should inspire you and reflect your own style, not somebody else’s. And that’s really the beauty and freedom of boho design—you can get creative, have some fun, and put your own unique spin on it.

Shop the Look:

1. Tanner Globe Flush Mount  |  2. Charlton Large Triple Arm Chandelier  |  3. Natural Jute Woven Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light   |  4. White Metal Dome Adjustable Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light  |  5. Collins Hanging Pendant in Natural Design  |  6. Yuma Cone Industrial Loft Grey Concrete Cone Pendant  |  7. Rosalita Pendant  |  8. ARTERIORS Windsor Smith Padma 1 Light Dimmable Brown Swing Arm |  9. Roja Terracotta Large Flush Mount Light  |  10. Mobile 2-Light Sconce  |  11. Tiered Tapers Chandelier  |  12. Pirlo Pendant   |  13. Pendant Light Brass Shade Ceiling Light Fixture |  14. Palecek Everly Pendant  |  15. Wally Coastal Beach Black Rattan Iron Frame Pendant  |  16. Blink Wall Sconce  |  17. ED Ellen DeGeneres Jane 1 Light Wall Light  |  18. Amber Glass Cyra Pendant Lamp  |  19. Concrete and Wood Hunter Pendant Lamp  |  20. Black Large Sconce by Schwung  |  21. Alavanca Aged Brass Pendant Light  |  22. Liz Rattan Sconce  |  23. Wood Pendant Light Mid Century Modern Handmade Lamp |  24. Marble Wall Light Lamp Sconce Fixture |  25. Urban Form Mini Pendant in Black Nickel with Natural Concrete Shade

  1. Mo says:

    I love all these. Would love to hear your opinion on lighted ceiling fans. They’re not as lovely to look at but so needed in parts of the country that run hot in summers.

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I am a design consultant residing in Denver Colorado with my love and two boys. I started this business in 2016 when my first son was 2 years old and I never looked back. My little dream has become a reality.

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