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WHat our clients are saying

"Marcella is hands down one of the best designers I have ever worked with! She has every detail of the job laid out and details covered before I even show up, the customers know what is going on and when, and it couldn't be any easier for me to come in and do my job correctly. The projects are easy to follow, which is something that I generally struggle with as a painter with designers, but she communicates so well that I've never had an issue on any project I've worked with her on (and there are many)! Marcella's customers are always happy with the work when I arrive (which is always at the end of a project), and happier when I leave because that means the project is finished, and that just goes to show how good she is. I would 100% recommend using Marcella either as a contractor or a customer."

Kyle Tomcak, Painter

What they're saying

md design co.

"Marcella is just an amazing design resource. I so enjoy working with her on our mutual projects. Her talents in material selections and her knowledge of construction and critical paths to getting a project to the finish line are all big reasons I am so pleased to work with her. Her clients really enjoy her fun personality too so it's a pleasure to be a part of the team when we are working. Can't wait to see what future projects bring!"

Eric Paciaroni, Tallgrass Kitchen & Bath

"Marcella helped us remodel two bathrooms in our house. The layout idea she came up with to reinvent our primary bath was amazing and the new space is perfect. When there were issues with some of the pieces and installation, she took care of the problems and her relationships with the vendors really helped things move along. We love our beautiful new bathrooms."

Rachel Gelman, Client

"Where to begin with Marcella and MD Design? From the very beginning, Marcella was on top of every little detail. She made sure that our eyes were open to every possibility, every nuance and every element of the process from the start. We began working but then ran into budget issues so we decided to put the project on hold and Marcella was not only understanding but 100% in agreement that taking the time to make sure we did it right was the right move. 

Once we started, Marcella was always keeping us informed of what was going on. Not only with the current phase of the project but with the next few phases to come. We really loved this because it allowed us to mentally prepare for what was coming next. From the multiple visits to appliance centers, counter fabricators, dealing with the contractor and trades or showing us how to design the space, Marcella never let us down, not once!!

Her impeccable attention to detail is what I think anyone would want in a design consultant and anyone that works with Marcella should be extremely grateful to have an opportunity to work with her. I know we certainly were!"

Corey Luxner, Client

Alma Payan Abeyta, Bedrosians® Tile & Stone

"I am a huge fan of MD Design. I love seeing what Marcella comes up with, every project is so different from the last. You'll find unexpected twists that are so fun to see; she is so clever in her selections and installations - I really look forward to her project reveals. She has this wonderful, easy, coastal boho style that is unique in our market.

But more than that, she is a great person with whom to work. She is kind, thorough, knowledgeable, professional, creative, and courteous to a fault. I definitely recommend working with MD Design in any capacity."

"We've now had the pleasure of working with Marcella on two projects. When we rebuilt our 1930s bungalow she helped us make all of our selections; from lighting, flooring, and stone to paint, trim, and door hardware. She immediately understood what we were hoping for and helped bring to life our vision of a home that was warm and inviting, but also modern and practical for a growing family. After we moved back in, we hired her again to help us furnish our now much larger space. She made a project that felt daunting, fun and inspiring, plus she was able to keep us under budget! The furniture is now all in and it's perfect. We couldn't be happier with how she brought it all together. We look forward to working with Marcella in the years to come as the ways we live in our home evolve." 

Megan & Jeff Somers, Clients

Erin McIlvain, Client

“Marcella is a wonderfully creative designer with exquisite taste and an eye for detail. She listens to her client, provides clear direction through the entire process, and follows through on her commitments. The end result is beautiful home design within budget! I’ve worked with Marcella several times and will continue to do so as we look to remodel more of our house.”

"My wife and I have collaborated with Marcella on a few projects. We appreciate her artistic vision, attention to detail and problem solving tenacity. Her fun loving personality and proactive communication skills also make remodeling projects more enjoyable!" 

Justin L. Soucie, Client

“Working with Marcella has been a dream. She completed two projects in my home. The first project I was involved in shopping and item selection, it was my owners bathroom and I had specific requirements. It is gorgeous and the experience so amazing, I signed up for another project immediately. The second project was a shared bathroom for kids. I took a more hands off approach as I knew Marcella and trusted her. Wow, she nailed the design! Working with Marcella gives me peace of mind, she takes on the contractors and scheduling and it is a huge incentive in working with her. Communication is clear and timely. I have referred Marcella several times!

What sets Marcella apart; she came with example projects and budgets to help me understand costs and what I was looking at for a budget. She did not ask me if there were other decision makers that needed to be part of the project. The answer to that is no, and I appreciated that my involvement was never questioned.”

Cindy Bayless, Client

"Marcella is a dream to work with! Every single one of her projects I have had the pleasure of photographing is done with immaculate detail, from the design itself, to the finally staging details- She encompasses a warmth and charisma that is somehow perfectly reflected in the final product itself! I love every project that I get to work with her on, and love spending time with her on these projects as well!."

Rae Barber, Photographer

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